How to Install Outdoor Water Fountains in Your Yard

Have you ever been to a neighbor’s house and seen a fountain in their yard? There are many reasons that they may have put in the effort to install it. Some people do it to increase their curb appeal or the aesthetic value of their home and others do it purely for the relaxation that it provides. There are also people who have a fountain for the wildlife that will come because of it. Whatever your reasons for it; it is easy to learn how to install outdoor water fountains in your yard and the yard of others who may want one for themselves.

You will have to first pick out the size of the fountain that you want and discover what type of water supply you will need for it. If it pulls water up and allows it to fall down over stones or other features, you will not have to worry about running water lines, but you will still have to know the size. Beyond that, you will want to take a look at your yard to find the right area for it.

If you have a lot of trees near the fountain, you may spend more time cleaning it out, but direct sun can lead to an overgrowth of algae. The main thing is; you will have to dig a hole that is large enough for the fountain’s pond if it is a fountain that has a pool in it. Most people do not want to have to re-dig, so make sure you know where you want it before you start. If you have an above ground fountain, you will still want to choose your placement wisely because they are heavy to move around.

Although it is not necessary to remove every twig when installing a fountain, it is still a good choice to eliminate what you can if you are sinking the fountain. When putting up an above ground fountain, as long as the area is level, you should be able to avoid digging anything more than water lines or a power supply line. It may be best to hire a professional for the wiring if you are unsure what to do, but beyond wires and water lines, your install will go smoothly. Water fountains are easy to install because all you have to do is put it together. Decorating around it; that is another story that becomes more complicated.


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